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We at Word Grafters are translators and editors.

We provide a comprehensive language service,

and deliver accurate, timely and reliable work to many businesses.


We offer exclusive, professional services. We approach our work with an open mind and go to great lengths to meet the requirements of our clients. We believe in accuracy and, at the same time, the use of plain language is our priority. This way we can delivery efficient, as well as concise work.

We offer the following services

Translations in French, English,

Afrikaans and Italian.

Text editing in English,

French or Afrikaans.

Rewriting of documents in standard

and Plain Language English.

Research and writing on Governance issues in English, as well as Governance assistance and negotiation assistance in English and French.

Political advice and research

on business with Africa.

Consultation with regard to

content and format.


We at Word Grafters are translators and editors. We provide a comprehensive language service, and deliver accurate, timely and reliable work to many services and businesses.

The team

Coen van Wyk

Coen van Wyk has BA (Political sciences), Honours (International Relations), and MA (international Relations) degrees. He also has certificates in Text Editing (English), Terrorism Studies, Public Sector Management, and Criterion Referenced Training. He specialises in editing, creative writing and Governance issues. At Word Grafters, he primarily edits, writes and translates in English/Afrikaans. He is a member of the Professional Editor's Group.

Shahnaz Sayed-van Wyk

Shahnaz Sayed-van Wyk has a University Diploma in Administration and Law (France: DEUG) and a certificate in Language Editing (English). Her specialisations are English/French translation, and quality control. She is a member of the South African Translator's Institute, as well as the Professional Editor's Group.




We started working together in the South African Embassy in Mauritius, thereafter in Uganda, Rwanda and the two Congo’s. After returning from the Republic of Congo in 2008, Shahnaz started building a client base, and soon developed a business relationship with several companies in the mining and environmental field. Coen retired in 2010 and began translation work, but concentrated on editing. We also helped write business proposals and submissions, among other language services offered.

We aim to help you use language sensibly and effectively across language and cultural barriers, in order that you and/or your company may achieve better results.


We strive to offer a personal touch, working attentively and going the extra mile for our clients.

We deliver the best quality language services to our clients that are accurate, precise and timely. We make suggestions to clients when their documents contain discrepancies.


We do our best to accommodate our clients’ requests for urgent work. All our clients are important to us, whether big or small. All work is kept strictly confidential.


We may commission some of our associates or engage some freelance assistants on occasion.


We have undertaken the following projects:




• Children’s books from French to English.

• School text books from Afrikaans to English.

• For international companies, in French and English. Translated documentation included business documents such as invoices, shopping lists, business reports, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Plans, feasibility studies, safety procedures and contracts.


• Academic articles

• Dissertations

• Theses

• Fiction

• History

• Businesses plans

• Submissions to Government

We have also advised and assisted clients in the following aspects:

• Public relations in Africa

• Government relations in Africa

• Negotiations

• Governance training



Our services are available across the globe. Feel free to contact us for any enquiries. Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Coen van Wyk Phone: +27 71 246 7222 Email: coen@wordgrafters.com Shahnaz Sayed-van Wyk Phone: +27 72 2114940 shahnaz@wordgrafters.com

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